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Currently in development by the Canvas Accessibility Sub Group.


The objective of the HTML Working Group (HTML WG) Canvas Task Force (Canvas TF) is to manage the progress of the HTML Canvas 2D Context specifications by encouraging collaboration between canvas experts, specification editors and implementers as a means to meet the requirements and goals of each group and to increase mutual understanding.

Scope of Work

The Canvas TF is a task force of the HTML WG and operates under the HTML WG charter accordingly.

The Canvas TF performs the following types of work:

  • review existing features;
  • review changes contributed via the WHAT WG;
  • develop new features;
  • propose solutions to identified issues.


The Canvas TF will provide a forum for discussion and ongoing development of the Canvas 2D specifications.

The primary tool for providing feedback to the HTML WG is Bugzilla. The Canvas TF will monitor new issues raised against Canvas 2D and WHAT WG related specifications. The Canvas TF may also file new bugs and propose solutions to existing bugs.

Ideally, this collaborative process will result in edits to the Canvas 2D specifications. The Canvas TF may propose and develop extension specifications. The Canvas TF will have decision authority over the contents of such extension specifications. An extension specification may be merged back into the baseline Canvas 2D specification or may be published as an independent specification. Any such specifications must be approved by the HTML WG and will be considered as publications of the HTML WG for purposes of W3C Publication. Members of the HTML WG who have substantive comments on or objections to Canvas TF publications are expected to raise them in the context of the Canvas TF.


Canvas TF communications and discussions are visible to the public. The primary means of communication within the task force are:

  • E-mail discussions taking place on the Canvas TF's W3C mailing list, public-canvas-api.
  • Weekly (or less frequently, as needed) Canvas TF teleconferences with minutes distributed to HTML WG and Canvas TF mailing lists;
  • The Canvas TF Wiki.
  • The Canvas TF may use Web-based surveys instead of email to poll group opinion.
  • Updates and feedback will be provided to the HTML WG, as appropriate. These liaisons are primarily the responsibility of the Canvas TF Facilitator(s).

Members of the public who are not covered by the W3C Patent Policy (see Participation) can send input to the public-canvas-api mailing list. Messages should clearly indicate the deliverable to which they are related and only address issues that are relevant to the work of the Canvas TF.


Any member of the HTML WG may participate in the Canvas TF.

Participants should expect to dedicate 2 to 3 hours per week for Canvas TF work:

  • Remain current on the Canvas TF mailing list and respond to postings in a timely manner;
  • Provide feedback to editors of the Canvas 2D specifications via email or by filing bugs;
  • Participate in weekly Canvas TF teleconferences, or send regrets to the Canvas TF mailing list.

If you are interested in becoming a participant of the Canvas TF or have any questions regarding its work, contact @@.

Current Publications

The following is a list of documents that are managed by the Canvas TF and are owned by the HTML WG:


Staff contacts from the HTML WG oversee attention to W3C Process with respect to the chartered requirements HTML WG. The Facilitators set agenda, lead meetings, determine consensus, and are the primary liaison to the WGs.



Canvas TF Staff Contact:


HTML WG Staff Contact:


Patent Policy

The Canvas TF is part of the HTML WG. It operates under the HTML WG Patent Policy.