HCLSIG/Cambridge F2F 2013

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HCLS IG Cambridge/Boston Face-to-Face Meeting 2013

Location: Cambridge/Boston (exact location and level of formality of the meeting yet to be determined)

Time: Around the CSHALS 2013 conference: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 until Friday – March 01, 2013.

  • Time: During the lunch break at CSHALS on Friday March 1, 12:30 - 1:30.
  • Location: Restaurant on the main level of the CSHALS conference hotel (ROYAL SONESTA HOTEL BOSTON, 40 Edwin Land Boulevard, Cambridge, MA)

People who expressed interest

  • Matthias Samwald
  • Michel Dumontier
  • Charlie Mead
  • Joanne Luciano
  • Erich Gombocz ('will be there from Wed afternoon to Fri')
  • Chris Baker
  • David Booth
  • Alasdair Gray
  • Mark Wilkinson
  • Bob Powers
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux
  • (Please add yourself to this list if you are interested in participating)

Suggested topics for discussion

  • Ideas for future directions of the HCLS IG / SemTech in the HCLS area in general
  • Next steps to be made in various HCLS task forces: Clinical Genomics, HL7 connections etc.