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Services you can log-into with FOAF+SSL

You have just created your FOAF+SSL certificate with one of our FOAF+SSL Identity Providers. Here is a list of places that you can test these out on.


End user sites / Installable Web Applications

  • MyProfile nicely designed service that offers the ability to create a WebID, link to other people, provides a wall to write to, and more.
  • end-user oriented WebID compliant (Authentication and ACLs) service for generating Personal Linked Data Spaces covering: Profile Management, Blogs, Wikis, Calendars, Bookmarks, File Management (WebDAV based Briefcase), AddressBook, Mail, Discussion Forums, and others .
  • OntoWiki development branch -- login to ontowiki with WebID, but does not use any information from the foaf profile


These sites are not destination sites, but they can also use foaf+ssl authentication:

  • allows you to add a foaf+ssl login to your site without needing to install a certificate
  • similar to, also allowing users to see a verbose/debug authentication process
  • MyOpenLink Personal Data Space Service -- generates WebIDs, OpenIDs, and X.509 Certificates that are bound to your FOAF based structured profile. It also support WebID and WebID+OpenID protocol based authentication.


These are platforms that can be used to develop WebID compliant services (WebID generation and relying services).

  • OpenLink Data Spaces -- a WebID compliant platform for Personal & Enterprise Linked Data Spaces that supports WebID management and WebID protocol based authentication (relying service).
  • is a service for publishing linked data which to which one can authentify with WebID and that uses the RDF WebAccessControl vocabulary to protect resources


No longer in service

  Diagnostic service no longer functioning
  • Foaf.Me will display your foaf profile and allow you to navigate your (open) social network
  • Reward Me Reward people for their hard work using karma points
 Is using a login service that no longer exists.
  Nice UI, but login no longer works.
  • Shout Box Login with your Web ID and leave comments. -- login functions but ShoutBox data base is broken
  • Generate an account for bitcion usage (alpha) *note: requires activation, contact a notary on #swig -- authentication seems to work, but very slow loading users
  • Cheese Lovers' Club Demo of linked data and FOAF+SSL -- service no longer available
  • allows you to login to any OpenId service using a foaf+ssl certificate. (a todo is to make it visible when you have logged in) -- no longer available