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Name of idea

Translation system

Submitter name

Kenny Zhang


None of the above

One Hundred Word Description of the Idea

Beihang is planning to develop a translation system, helping engineers, developers, and translators in local to faster understanding W3C standard and documents well. This idea is about comparing the W3C stable standard document and its translated version, building specialized vocabulary, fixed phrase database. The translation system will base on this database, so translators and learners will understand the standard documents of W3C efficiently. Meanwhile, the translated documents will enlarge the database. The system can also be used in translation documents management, to produce more high quality translating documents.

Benefit(s) to Web or W3C

  • It is useful for non-native speaker query and understanding W3C standard documents
  • It can be used in translation document management.

Which of our stakeholders would be the most enthusiastic in supporting

  • Engineer, developer from member
  • Public translator, non-native speaker

Some early ideas

Feedback/Questions on the idea