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This document was created to enumerate various Issues and Actions for the Advisory Committee (AC). The original author's expectation is for this document be temporary and that it (hopefully be) replaced by a more general purpose issue and action tracking system like the W3C's Tracker. In the mean time, this should be good enough to keep things from "falling through the cracks" ...

AC Reps and others should feel free to update this document.


Tracking Issues
The AC does not track Actions or Issues;
AB's role
is it clear enough? what, if any, issues are there regarding its role; how to make it more inclusive of all of the AC reps plus non-Members; see related discussions on w3c-ac-forum
Does the current voting process give the outcomes we expect? what needs to be "fixed"; what, if any, experiment(s) should to be run and who is the "guinea pig"; see related discussions on w3c-ac-forum
"Good Standing"
if it was removed from the Process Document, would anyone notice? Why can't its use be a decision of the WG (and thus removed from the PD)? Raised by Larry Masinter
Now listed as W3C Process CG issue 34
Does the AC need a FAQ
e.g. for questions like "is it OK for people lobbing for a seat in group X to directly soap-box on w3c-ac-forum, private emails, etc.?";
AC meeting participation
are the low attendance numbers a "real" issue; what can be done to get better attendance; see related discussions on w3c-ac-forum
AC Meeting Agenda
The creation of AC meeting agendas should include AC reps; see related discussions on w3c-ac-forum
Face to face meetings?
What are the benefits and costs of replacing an AC f2f meeting with one or more conference calls?; see related discussions on w3c-ac-forum


Action Closed