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DanBri set up an ESW Wiki using TWiki, January 2002 (weblog notes; upgrade announcement).

After researching some infelicities, we decided to migrate to MoinMoin (ToDo: grab rationale, LinkMe: discussion in #rdfig about lost updates and such).

SandroHawke installed MoinMoin, and DanC did the migration; see imported ESW twiki stuff into moinmoin Wed, Mar 26 2003.

/t/view/TopicName (older TWiki URIs) are now redirected to /topic/TopicName.

Remaining TWiki migration issues: moin doesn't like wikinames to begin with acronyms. So PPR:HowToRenameWikiPages may be useful. It wasn't! Nothing useful in there. Hmm.

We need clear license terms... e.g. a CreativeCommons logo right next to the 'save' button on the edit page.

oops... is the output of this service not XHTML happy? evidently not.

wow! DanConnolly thought you had to start new pages my making links from existing pages... wants a "making new islands is not cool" blurb in the "you can create this page now" text.

a concern about the preservation of the information here... should we archive the HTML version as well? else we need MoinMoin to reconstruct it; who knows if that'll be feasible in 20 years.

You can use `moin-dump` to create a static HTML version, tar that and store it away, by using a cron job. Also, you won't have to wait 20 years till you can do the same and create an XML dump.

Needless URL duplication? why have ?action=view instead of just a link to the topic itself. The 'clear comment' link you see after editing, in particular, encourages two URLs to get deployed for each Wiki topic.

MoinMoin is a Python Wiki:WikiClone, based on Wiki:PikiPiki. The name is a common German slang expression explained on the MoinMoin page. If you run a Wiki using MoinMoin, please add it to the MoinMoin:MoinMoinWikis page. Contributed code is on the MoinMoin:MacroMarket, MoinMoin:ActionMarket and MoinMoin:ParserMarket pages.

Eeek! the ?action=subscribe thingy is an unsafe GET! (see W3C TAG finding for why we should care).

Testing Basic Internationalization

This is a test to see how well this Wiki deals with non-ASCII characters: Some German: Übersetzung, some Japanese: 翻訳 some arabic السلام

One the other hand trying to add the character ő was a pain. if you add ő then it doesn't always round trip (it did sometimes :(, but if you add ő it seems to come out fine here. On the other hand I cannot get it to work in the word Bevezető on the page SemWebMagyar (maybe because it is in a link??) -- Chaals

Seems to be okay for posting, but on reediting, I get numeric character references (NCR) for Japanese, which makes it impossible to edit actual Japanese (even more so because they are decimal).

Fortunately, the numeric character references get backconverted. But then, can I add an example of an NCR in test? Example NCR: 噸. We should try to change the editing page (or even better, everything) to UTF-8.

Puting in an NCR with 噸 didn't work. Let's try some more variants: hex: 噸, decimal: 噸

Using a decimal '&', i.e. & seems to be the only thing that works. Pretty lame and inconvenient.

But at least there is safe roundtripping.
& or `&` (after all, it's `code`)