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The AB refers to the W3C Advisory Board.

Twitter Account

Freshly created 2013-06-04, there's an unofficial @W3CAB Twitter account.

It would be great to grant permission to every AB member to post anything regarding AB-related matters.

The methodology is to empower individual responsibility and trust by default, especially in such a small group. This method has worked well with the CSSWG (any CSSWG member may "have the keys" to @CSSWG) and it's been hugely successful in engaging the broader developer community.

If you are a member of the AB, contact Tantek Çelik on a secure communications channel and he'll gladly share access to @W3CAB.


I (Tantek Çelik) ran for the AB on a platform of greater openness in how we do things. As part of that, feel free to add your suggestions for improving the AB and W3C Process as a whole here and I'll see what I can about them. I'm going to encourage other AB members to similarly consider using input from the wiki as another source. Thanks, - Tantek Çelik 04:44, 7 June 2013 (UTC)

Sample Suggestion 1

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