2012-02-09 Morning Sessions

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  • Minutes MBUIWG (morning 09/02/2012)
  • List of Participants: Ran Zhang, Moritz Kuemmerling, Marc Seissler, Kai Breiner, Jaroslav Pullmann (Fraunhofer FIT), Vivian Motti, François Beuvens, Carmen Santoro, Fabio Paterno, Davide Spano, Javier Rodriguez, Paolo Bottoni, Nikolaos Kaklanis, Annerose Braune, Dave Raggett, Marius Orfgen, and Gerrit Meixner
  • Remote Participants: Gaelle, Joelle, Cristina, Ignacio, Jan, Sebastian
  • Presentation
    • DFKI presentation
    • W3C presentation
      • Schedule weekly call meetings, face to face meetings (2-3/year)
      • editors, tools, wiki, minutes
      • based on submissions decide features, requirements, use cases
    • Use the wiki to document discussions, decisions
  • Use Cases & Members
    • Marius and Ran (DFKI/Bosch): use case 6
    • Marc and Kai (DFKI): use case 4 universal interaction, task modeling
    • Jaroslav (FIT): Embedded adaptation accessibility assessment
    • Vivian, Francois (UCL): use case 3, migratory UIs, multi-context, multi-roles, multi-control flows
    • Carmen, Paterno, Dave (ISTI/CNR): use case 3, adaptation, use case 1, home environment, model based description adaptation (Serenoa car rental scenario, automative context)
    • Javier (CTIC): digital home context, scenarios, migratory user interfaces
    • Paolo Bottoni (SUR): e-learning system, deaf users, use cases 1 and 3, multi modal communication, adapted and personalized interfaces
    • Nikolaos (CERTH/ITI): accessibility assessment, virtual users, disabilities, virtual prototypes, automotive scenarios, smart living places: Use Cases 5 and 6
    • Annerose (UD): industrial context, use cases 1, 5 and 6
    • Dave (W3C): web apps across devices, mobile, desktop, automotive scenario, web, tv
    • Gerrit (DFKI): re-write more focused use cases according to the background and interests of the partners (new version in +-2 weeks)
    • Dave (W3C): working group notes, focus on industrial values too, MBUI sense
  • Value of MBUI
    • Slides: advantages, scenarios of application, ‘not for complex UI’s’
  • Separated groups:
    • positive x negative points, benefits x shortcomings
    • industrial scenarios
  • Remote participants presentation
    • Gaelle: how to cover complex UI
    • Jan: AUI models, context-sensitive UIs
    • Cristina, Ignacio: research & development for multi-devices, web apps, mobile
  • Summary
    • François: benefits (1- 2 weeks, end of February)
    • Vivian/Jaroslav: (1-2 weeks, end of February)
  • Lunch
  • Visit