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Feature requests and new requirements for the next version of the Pointer Lock specification will not be included in the first version of the spec.

Those with write access to this document are encouraged to update this document and/or to File a Pointer Lock Bug to submit a feature request. If you cannot create a Bugzilla bug to request a new feature or requirement, please send your request to WebApps' public-webapps@w3.org list with a Subject header of [Pointer Lock].


Features to be considered for Next Version

Pointer Clip: Limiting movement of the cursor without hiding it

  • Notes on Pointer Clip from a Chromium discussion.
  • See thread Problems with mouse-edge scrolling and games.
  • Restrict pointer to a rectangle (while either windowed or in fullscreen (relevant for multi-display))
  • Suppress any user agent or operating system UI elements that appear when hovering cursor in a region. This prevents e.g. a "hover near top of screen to bring down fullscreen exit instruction reminder" or the Mac OSX Dock that appears at screen edges.
  • Security issues would then be essentially the same as pointer lock, the difference being that a) the pointer is not hidden, b) the pointer is not warped, c) the pointer is bounded by the area specified by the web app - not the user agent selected rectangle used as an implementation detail of pointer lock.

Raw movement data, not pixel location clamped, and unmodified by operating system 'acceleration' or 'ballistics'