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15:45, 23 March 2015 Treemap2.svg (file) 2 KB Charles A demonstration "treemap" - a page divided into 5 regions whose size and layout can represent something useful. In this case the regions are labeled 2007 - 2011 but it is unclear what else is being conveyed. This is an example, to consider accessibili... 1
12:37, 23 March 2015 TwoGraphs.svg (file) 7 KB Charles A chart using the same x-axis data (dates) for two different y-axes (stock price and volume) each represented separately, the volume below as a simple bar chart and the price above as a "primary" and complete range . The chart is being used to explore... 1
15:23, 21 March 2015 WordCloud.svg (file) 3 KB Charles A typical wordcloud, featuring coutnry names in different colours and sizes. 1