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The Event interface is used to provide contextual information about an event to the listener processing the event. An object which implements the Event interface must be passed as the parameter to an EventListener. The object passed to the event listener may also implement derived interfaces that provide access to information directly relating to the type of event they represent.


Name Description
type Returns the name of the event.
target Indicates the event target.
currentTarget Indicates the EventTarget whose EventListeners are currently being processed.
eventPhase Indicates which phase of event flow is currently being accomplished.
bubbles Indicates whether or not an event is a bubbling event.
cancelable Indicates whether or not an event can have its default action prevented.
defaultPrevented Indicates whether Event.preventDefault() has been called for this event.
isTrusted Indicates whether this event was generated by the user agent (trusted) or by script (untrusted).
timeStamp Returns the time that the event was created.


Name Description
stopPropagation() Prevents other event listeners from being triggered.
stopImmediatePropagation() Prevents other event listeners from being triggered. Its effect must be immediate
preventDefault() Cancels the event.
initEvent(type, bubbles, cancelable) Initializes attributes of an Event.

DOM Core reference

DOM Core specification defines the Interface Event in 4.1 Interface Event.