Web Performance Working Group

Our Mission

We provide methods to measure and improve aspects of application performance of user agent features and APIs.

The Co-Chairs of the Working Group are Ilya Grigorik and Todd Reifsteck. The W3C Team Contacts for the Web Performance Working Group are Philippe Le Hégaret and Xiaoqian Wu.

We have a primer for Web Performance Timing APIs. That's a good introduction for you.

September 22-23 at TPAC 2016

We'll meet during TPAC 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. No agenda details yet but everything will be talked about but deadline for registration is September 2nd!

Results of the Face-to-face meeting on June 21, 2016

We made good progress on our items (agenda, notes) on June 21 at our face-to-face meeting. Thank you to Akamai for hosting us!

Here is our current roadmap as a result of the meeting.