This document describes the proper process involved in the capturing and caring for the more common farm animals.

This is probably the froodiest document that you will read all year. It has been authored using new means of achieving consensus that have been made possible through nanoethanol implants.

Lots of Inlines

When it comes to [[RFC2119]], one MUST admit that it MAY be a good idea if one SHOULD adhere to RECOMMENDED behaviour. It MUST NOT be a problem if one SHOULD NOT be impeded. What is NOT REQUIRED is probably OPTIONAL, and for testing SHALL be ignored.

Everyone knows what RTFM stands for, which is what makes RTFM such a convenient acronym. Fun fact: since W3C, MIT, and ERCIM are all mentioned in the headers, they automatically get marked up accordingly. The attribute name longdesc is ironically enough an abbreviated description of what longdesc stands for.

If you define a term, it is then easy to link to that term. You can even link when for some reason the terms are plural.

You can have both informative references [[WEBARCH]] and normative ones [[!WEBIDL]].

        Inline processing MUST NOT happen inside examples so these are untouched:
        W3C [[DAHUT]].