Edit ACTION-11: Show how <div aria="something"> works with URI based extensibility




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some progress: A story about namespaces, MIME types, and URIs

Dan Connolly, 16 Nov 2007, 14:38:38

I'd like to get this done sooner, but other important stuff keeps coming up. Anybody who needs it sooner will please let me know.

Dan Connolly, 18 Dec 2007, 22:14:30

sigh... not this week either.

Dan Connolly, 9 Jan 2008, 17:43:26

almost got into coding mode this week... soon, I hope...

Dan Connolly, 7 Feb 2008, 18:02:38

crud; still no progress

Dan Connolly, 14 Feb 2008, 22:47:50

Can you point to the current status from the PFWG, too?

Chris Wilson, 15 Feb 2008, 00:10:59

I'm inclined to withdraw this; it seems to be overtaken by events.

Dan Connolly, 3 Apr 2008, 15:48:14

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