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Linked Open Government Application Challenge


Open Government Data is hot topic, and especially the Linked Open Data movement has made available quite some data in the PSI area such as the US and UK datasets. What is missing are applications that demonstrate the benefits of using open government data in a real-world setup.

We're looking for Web applications that use two or more data sources from the eGov domain and clearly demonstrate an added value, be it in terms of exploring unknown relations or integrating facts in a dynamic and exciting way. Examples include:

  • a politician is running for a position - what connections are there (blog posts, working with companies, etc.)
  • a company wants to invest in a certain area - what PSI indicators (statistics, taxes, etc.) are available to decide if a certain area is suitable
  • a government agency needs to do some planning - what data is available for deciding to build a road in a certain area
  • what else ???


  • two or more data sources
  • must be available on the Web (online)
  • bonus based on 5-star plan (the more stars are address, the higher the ranking)
  • if data is missing, participants are encouraged to publish it themselves (at least for the demo)


There are two categories, see below. Beside this all winners will be mentioned at event XXX and a report in YYY (online media? newspapers? etc.) to follow.

Judge's Prize

A committee of judges (W3C, gov, others) select the three best apps, based on rules above.

People's Choice

A Web-based system allows people to select the three 'coolest' apps.

Other stuff to be discussed: