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GLD Demo

This is the wiki page for Project 3: Government Linked Data Demonstration, one of the W3C eGov Interest Group projects.

Project Plan

  • Jan 2010
  1. Establish project co-lead
  2. Establish recurring meeting (telecon) times and resources.
  3. Establish demonstration subject and scope
  4. Establish demonstration resources (Web servers...)
  5. Establish demonstration vocabularies (created and reused per subject and scope)
  • Feb 2010

Project Members

Level 5 Members

Engagement Commitment: "This project is a major part of my professional life. I will devote several hours per day or days per week to this project."

  • Daniela Silva, Esfera <danielabsilva at gmail dot com>
  • Brand Niemann, US EPA <niemann.brand at epa dot gov>
  • Boubacar FOUMEKOYE <foumekoye at gmail dot com>
  • Cory Casanave

Level 4 Members

Engagement Commitment: "I'll put significant time into this project. I can attend extra phone meetings, read and respond to e-mail nearly every day, and can write text for documents."

  • Ed Summers, Library of Congress <edsu>
  • Brian Ahierr, Mid-Columbia Medical Center <brianahier at gmail dot com>
  • Vassilios Peristeras, DERI <vperiste>
  • Manos Batsis, <manos at abiss dot gr>
  • John Sheridan <john dot sheridan at nationalarchives dot gov dot uk>
  • Michael Hausenblas <michael dot hausenblas at deri dot org>
  • Thomas Bandholtz
  • Sandro Hawk
  • Jose Manuel Alonso

Level 3 Members

Engagement Commitment: "I'll read a few emails a week, talk about this project in meetings, and review some drafts."

  • Steven Clift, <clift at e-democracy dot org>
  • Brad Cox, Rividium <brad dot cox at rividium dot com>
  • Quiroz Sergio , School of Economy and Business - University of Chile <squiroz at fen dot uchile dot cl>
  • Roy Graham, Hybrid Medical Analytics <hybridmedicalanalytics at gmail dot com>
  • Brian Gryth, Colorado Department of State <briangryth at gmail dot com>
  • Vincent Todd, WTVIII, Inc. <Todd dot Vincent at xmllegal dot org>
  • Ken Fischer, <ken at govcollab dot org>
  • Daniel Dietrich, Opendata Network Germany <ddie at me dot com>
  • Rana SK, Canbase <srana at canbase dot com>
  • Taofeeq Olatinwo, Harmony Worldwide Inc. <tkolatinwo at yahoo dot com>
  • Jonathan Gray, Open Knowledge Foundation <jonathan dot gray at okfn dot org>
  • John Flynn, BBN <jflynn at bbn dot com>
  • Aldo Gangemi <a dot gangemi at istc dot cnr dot it>
  • Danny Ayers <danny dot ayers at talis dot com>
  • Rinke Hoekstra <hoekstra at uva dot nl>
  • Sergey Lizin <sergey dot lizin at gmail dot com>
  • Daniel Bennett
  • Chris Beer
  • Luigi Selmi