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This is the wiki page for '''Project 3: Government Linked Data Demonstration''', one of the W3C eGov Interest Group projects.
This is the wiki page for '''Project 3: Government Linked Data Demonstration''', one of the W3C eGov Interest Group projects.
[[GLD_Members|GLD Member Information]]
=Project Plan=
=Project Plan=
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#* date and scribe
#* date and scribe
#* agenda planning
#* agenda planning
=Project Members=
===Level 5 Members===
Engagement Commitment: "This project is a major part of my professional life. I will devote several hours per day or days per week to this project."
* Daniela Silva, Esfera <danielabsilva at gmail dot com>
* Brand Niemann, US EPA <niemann.brand at epa dot gov>
* Boubacar FOUMEKOYE <foumekoye at gmail dot com>
* Cory Casanave
===Level 4 Members===
Engagement Commitment: "I'll put significant time into this project. I can attend extra phone meetings, read and respond to e-mail nearly every day, and can write text for documents."
* Ed Summers, Library of Congress <edsu>
* Brian Ahierr, Mid-Columbia Medical Center <brianahier at gmail dot com>
* Vassilios Peristeras, DERI <vperiste>
* Manos Batsis, Abiss.gr <manos at abiss dot gr>
* John Sheridan <john dot sheridan at nationalarchives dot gov dot uk>
* Michael Hausenblas <michael dot hausenblas at deri dot org>
* Thomas Bandholtz
* Sandro Hawk
* Jose Manuel Alonso
===Level 3 Members===
Engagement Commitment: "I'll read a few emails a week, talk about this project in meetings, and review some drafts."
* Steven Clift, E-Democracy.org <clift at e-democracy dot org>
* Brad Cox, Rividium <brad dot cox at rividium dot com>
* Quiroz Sergio , School of Economy and Business - University of Chile <squiroz at fen dot uchile dot cl>
* Roy Graham, Hybrid Medical Analytics <hybridmedicalanalytics at gmail dot com>
* Brian Gryth, Colorado Department of State <briangryth at gmail dot com>
* Vincent Todd, WTVIII, Inc. <Todd dot Vincent at xmllegal dot org>
* Ken Fischer, GovCollab.org <ken at govcollab dot org>
* Daniel Dietrich, Opendata Network Germany <ddie at me dot com>
* Rana SK, Canbase <srana at canbase dot com>
* Taofeeq Olatinwo, Harmony Worldwide Inc. <tkolatinwo at yahoo dot com>
* Jonathan Gray, Open Knowledge Foundation <jonathan dot gray at okfn dot org>
* John Flynn, BBN <jflynn at bbn dot com>
* Aldo Gangemi <a dot gangemi at istc dot cnr dot it>
* Danny Ayers <danny dot ayers at talis dot com>
* Rinke Hoekstra <hoekstra at uva dot nl>
* Sergey Lizin <sergey dot lizin at gmail dot com>
* Daniel Bennett
* Chris Beer
* Luigi Selmi

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GLD Demo

This is the wiki page for Project 3: Government Linked Data Demonstration, one of the W3C eGov Interest Group projects.

GLD Member Information

Project Plan

Feb 2010

After the eGov IG 2/3 telecon, we'll begin meeting as a project Team.

First P3-GLD Demo Team Meeting Objectives (90mins)

  1. Establish meeting scribe (5 mins)
    • use wiki, zakim?
  2. Introductions (10mins)
    • Who are we?
      • Member KSA's (knowledge, skills, abilities)
      • 'I can model, code, write and do project management' (for example)
      • Who else should be here (perhaps that we know of...)
  3. Establish recurring meeting times (10mins)
    • (based on survey results)
  4. Establish project co-lead (5mins)
    • (George will be offline from 2/11-3/8)
  5. Establish team communication resources (10 mins)
    • (telecon bridges, web-sharing, voip, etc. what have we...)
  6. Discuss and establish demonstration subject and scope (20mins)
    • Performance Management
    • other ideas?
  7. Discuss and establish demonstration tools (10mins)
    • (Web servers, platforms, apps, etc.)
  8. Initial discussion of demonstration vocabularies (10mins)
    • based on project subject and scope
      • to create (model)
      • to reuse (existing)
  9. Recap and action items (10mins)
  10. Next meeting (5mins)
    • date and scribe
    • agenda planning