Checklist for Social Media

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Building a Checklist for Social Media for Government Use

BLTS Breakdown Checklist

Business methods *Diagram of transactions, for both agents and citizens, especially transaction points

Legal issues *Contractual arrangements with Social Media Tool Providers

Legal requirements

  • *Accessibility
  • *Privacy
  • *Moderation Rules
  • *Sunshine rules, 30 day advance notice, et cetera
  • *Identity and Authentication of Government Agency
  • *Identity and Authentication of Citizens
  • *Archival Requirements
  • *Map legal issues to Business Method/transaction diagrams to laws/regulations7

Technical Implementation

  • *Staff
  • *Implement changes, walkthrough/testing at least one week prior to event
  • *Backup plan and/or notification of changes
  • *Diagram of all parts of system used against Business and Legal requirements


  • *How best to reach audience
  • *How best to set expectations (especially considering the technology)
  • *How best to document the process internally and externally
  • *How best to provide notification/calendaring