ISSUE-31: add references to FOAF and SOIC from P&E section


add references to FOAF and SOIC from P&E section

Participation and Engagement
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Vassilios Peristeras
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...Moreover, on the What Are the Main Issues with Using the Web for Participation and Engagement? In the text I read...
"yet many social networks have been designed to be "walled gardens", locking people in to their service as much as they possibly can."

I would add after that this:
"certain initiatives are currently ongoing to create vocabularies that could be used to annotate and thus interlink data locked in different systems. Examples include FOAF which becomes a de facto standard for describing people and SIOC which is currently a W3C submission for annotating discussions on the web."
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agreed, added, closing

José Manuel Alonso, 1 May 2009, 12:46:00

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