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===Advanced Model Use Cases===
===Advanced Model Use Cases===
* Cross format annotations  
* [[Anno_Advanced_1|Cross format annotations]]
* Cross version annotations  
* [[Anno_Advanced_2|Cross version annotations]]
* Maintaining annotation style
* [[Anno_Advanced_3|Maintaining annotation style]]
* Maintaining annotation layout
* [[Anno_Advanced_4|Maintaining annotation layout]]
* Recording State of dynamic resources
* [[Anno_Advanced_5|Recording State of dynamic resources]]
* Annotation has multiple bodies
* [[Anno_Advanced_6|Annotation has multiple, independent bodies]]
* [[Anno_Advanced_7|Annotation has a choice of multiple, dependent bodies]]
===Annotation Sets===
===Annotation Sets===

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This page is the TOC of the use case collection. All uses cases added are linked to from this page.

If you are about to add a new use case, start by creating a new page, and then clone the template as a starting point.

Use cases that are in need of further analysis and/or expert input are marked below with a INPUT NEEDED suffix. If you are an expert in the area, you should help us out!

Styling and Layout


Adaptive Layout

Device Adaption

User Adaption


Domain-Specific Content Types








Structural Semantics

Book Semantics 1


Accessibility and Personalization



Social Reading and Annotations

(Use Cases marked with * have not been discussed yet)

Basic Model Use Cases

Model Use Cases with Specific Targets

Advanced Model Use Cases

Annotation Sets

  • Annotations supplied with publication
  • Third party commentary
  • Annotations as Educational resources

Annotation Interaction

  • Persistence of Annotations
  • User annotates non-rendered resource (stylesheet, script, etc)
  • User or System Initiated Transfers (Export vs Sync)
  • Annotation (or part) is not published openly
  • Publication (or part) is not published openly

Packaging and Distribution

Publishing Workflow Effectiveness