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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-27 (edit) open Bring to MathML WG: Comparison of mathml tables with html Peter Krautzberger 2015-04-01
ACTION-31 (edit) open Initiate business use case Karen Myers 2015-04-07
ACTION-45 (edit) open Add information to personalization use cases Brady Duga 2015-04-07
ACTION-46 (edit) open Contact the html wg for a working definition of footnote Tzviya Siegman 2015-04-01
ACTION-48 (edit) open Work w MathML WG to gather font metric info for houdini Peter Krautzberger 2015-04-30
ACTION-50 (edit) open Create fragment id functional requirements with must have/should have/may have Bill Kasdorf 2015-06-02
ACTION-52 (edit) open Create plan dpub pr Nicholas Ruffilo 2015-06-02
ACTION-53 (edit) open Lead messaging effort Karen Myers 2015-10-19
ACTION-55 (edit) open Help the a11y note group with prose on mathml Peter Krautzberger 2016-03-14
ACTION-56 (edit) open Propose prose re dpub audio and braille type issues with wacg Romain Deltour 2016-03-14
ACTION-58 (edit) open Provide 3-4 examples from specialized domains re use of specialized semantics Bill Kasdorf 2016-06-01
ACTION-59 (edit) open Will add a sentence to section irc://irc.w3.org:6667/#2 that a pwp must be accessible in all components such as annotations etc… Deborah Kaplan 2016-09-02
ACTION-63 (edit) open Touch journal publishers on poe Tzviya Siegman 2016-09-27
ACTION-64 (edit) open Figure out who needs to work in issues that hflanagan wrote Tzviya Siegman 2016-09-27
ACTION-65 (edit) open Assign review assignments to dpub ig members Brady Duga 2016-09-27
ACTION-67 (edit) open Do do poll for meeting time and location Garth Conboy 2017-03-27

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