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Everyone is welcome to join the SWIG As of February 2014, the group has two main rules

1. All members must fill out the STAKEHOLDERS QUESTIONNAIRE To contribute to shaping the groups activites and modus operandi. Answers will be shared with the group in anomymized form to deliberate actions

2. All members must make a minimum of one contribution per semester and post it to the discussion group and possibly linked to the shared doc for record keeping (a contribution can be a discussion, an event, a post/discussion to the list, A paper a blog post or anything el;se relevant deemed worthy and useful to the community) Each member should use the tag [contribution] and maintain a profile page, on the community wiki or any other profile page publicly accessible via URL) where their contributions are listed

Feel free to discuss on list


April 2014, Preliminary Report

Vital Links

Here an editable draft of a Working Document, please enter thoughts, info, comments and perhaps ping the group with a quick msg after you have created an entry!


User Interaction with the Semantic Web, Challenges and Opportunities