Migrating content from ostatus.org and wiki.ostatus.org

I’d like to take the maintenance of ostatus.org content out of my own incapable hands, and make it more accessible through this community group.

ostatus.org itself consists of a Drupal-based blog with <10 posts plus a copy of the spec. I believe it can be pretty easily transferred to the community group sites here, which run on WordPress.

wiki.ostatus.org is a MediaWiki wiki. I believe the content can be dumped and restored on the new community group wiki, but new user accounts will need to be created.

After that’s done, I’ll try to 301-redirect specific URLs in the ostatus.org domain to their new equivalents on the w3.org sites.

One Response to Migrating content from ostatus.org and wiki.ostatus.org

  1. Laurent Walter Goix says:

    hello evan, do you have any update or plan on when this is likely to happen?

    do you also have plans for moving the spec itself under w3c umbrella and kick-off possible next steps?

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