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HTML for Email CG

Please edit this as much as you like, until people start complaining.

Work items

What are we going to work on? How we work

Active work

CSS sub-spec
Andrew Herrington started this.
Compatibility tables for email clients
Chaals is copying stuff that he finds elsewhere. It's in our GitHub repository - please help augment the information.


(These are just ideas. What we work on depends on what people actually do)

Compatibility tables for email clients
This has been done before, but unifying information may be helpful
Compatibility tables for email composers
I (chaals) hope someone can point to these too, but I haven't seen them before.
Email-compatible HTML "specification"
A specification that explains what features of HTML (etc) can be used reliably. I (chaals) imagine this would be similar to the Polyglot HTML specification in style - although it need not be…

Tools for testing

Email's "acid test"
Will send a test email covering image inclusion, some font stuff, and some simple CSS, to your email address

Compatibility tables

There are plenty of existing compatibility tables. before we start writing another one, it would be useful to collect the references (and a friendly way to acknowledge that we are not the first people to look at this).

Other Sources

Our mailing list archive
This should be an obvious place to look for information
W3C public-html-mail list archive
The archive seems to have been primarily active for a few months in 2007, and died completely by 2009, but probably worth reading.
W3C HTML for Mail Workshop
Held in mid-2007 the workshop position papers and minutes are available