The Social Business Community Group is Closed  having successfully accomplished it’s goal of finding actionable standards work for the W3C.   Final Report at Social Web work at W3C at  

Creating a Database of Legal Compliance for BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Companies

I’ve been involved extensively in the BPO industry as well as inbound and outbound call center and SAAS lead management system industry. This can be a very legally challenging industry to deal with when it comes to compliance. The main … Continue reading

Best Code Comparison RDF and OData on Semantic Database

Hi, see This article on is a great introduction to RDF coding and OData.  Enjoy if you need to go from a relational database to a semantic one and do not want to generate a lot of code. … Continue reading

Commerce Technology, Economics and Fuel Taxation

Executive Summary Presented are topics pertaining to economics policies, to the granular taxation of fuel purchases, policies possible with modern computing technology. Related Standards Activities Web Payments Interest Group, Web Payments Community Group Article New policy opportunities include that the … Continue reading