Proposed Group: ORTC (Object Real-time Communications) Community Group

The ORTC (Object Real-time Communications) Community Group has been proposed by Erik Lagerway: The mission of the Object Real-Time Communications Community Group, is to define Object-centric APIs (client-side at first) to enable Real-Time Communications in Web browsers, Mobile endpoints & … Continue reading

Web Science Education Workshop at ACM Web Science 2014 – Indiana University

The Annual International Web Science Education Workshop will take place on the 23rd of June 2014 at Indiana University (Bloomington,USA) on the first day of the ACM Web Science Conference 2014. Continue reading

Web Payments Meeting Minutes for 2014-02-26

Agenda Topics WebMob Payments Task Force Web Commerce API Vote Persona and Web Identity Spec Chair Manu Sporny Scribe Dave Longley and David I. Lehn Present Dave Longley, Manu Sporny, Brent Shambaugh, David I. Lehn, Evan Schwartz Audio Log … Continue reading

Multimedia Tracks, Data and Metadata

Metadata standards, extensible ontology, vocabulary and API for multimedia track metadata, such as XMP, MPEG, Matroska and WebM, can provide enhanced viewing experiences and features based upon multimedia metadata.  Describing multimedia tracks with metadata enhances the uses of tracks, of track-based data, and the … Continue reading

The Big Web Show, episode 112 “Responsive Images Get Real”

Mat Marquis was on The Big Web Show, episode 112 “Responsive Images Get Real”, published today. Quoting from the podcast page: Mat Marquis, chair of the W3C Responsive Images Community Group, sits down with Zeldman to discuss guidelines for responsive … Continue reading

HTML Resource and Archive APIs proposal

Hi everyone, this is Mr. “no one” and is here to propose two new HTML APIs; one to manage network resources inside JavaScript programs, and another one that allows I/O operations with compressed files. For example. <resource src=”file:///C:/” dst=”” id=”images” onLoadEnd=”download_Or_Upload_Complete_Stopped();” … Continue reading