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Japanese translations of the Library Linked Data Reports

The National Diet Library (NDL) in Japan published Japanese translations of the “Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report”, under the title “図書館Linked Dataインキュベータグループ最終報告書”, the “Library Linked Data Incubator Group: Use Cases”, under “図書館Linked Dataインキュベータグループ最終報告書:ユースケース”, and the “Library Linked Data Incubator Group: Datasets, Value Vocabularies, and Metadata Element Sets”, under “図書館Linked … Continue reading

“Linked Data Basic Profile 1.0” published as a W3C Member Submission

The “Linked Data Basic Profile 1.0” specification has been published as a W3C Member Submission, co-authored by experts from IBM, DERI, EMC, Oracle, Red Hat,, and Tasktop. This specification defines a set of best practices and a simple approach … Continue reading

Spanish Translation of a Linked Library Data Group Report

Tomás Saorín & Juan Antonio Pastor Sánchez have published a Spanish Translation of the W3C Linked Library Data Incubator Group’s report “Datasets, Value Vocabularies, and Metadata Element Sets”, under the title “Conjuntos de Datos, Vocabularios controlados y Conjuntos de Elementos de … Continue reading

W3C Library Linked Data XG Final Report Published

W3C’s Library Linked Data Incubator group has published its final report. In its final report, the group characterized the current state of library data management, outlined the potential benefits of publishing library data as Linked Data, and formulated next-step recommendations … Continue reading

Reshaping how governments publish information

Governments worldwide expend significant resources to gather, curate and in many cases publish open government content.  However, with the ever growing amount of digital content, if that information is not easily accessible nor readily re-usable, it might as well not … Continue reading