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W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Flipcards Online — 7 August 2007

Not sure this was broadly announced: An online version of the ever-popular W3C Mobile Web Best Practices flipcards has been available for a while. There are also translations into German, Korean and Spanish provided by the relevant W3C Offices. A French version will follow soon.
by Philipp Hoschka in Current state Permalink

Dan Connolly on "iPhone Developer Guidelines" — 6 August 2007

Dan Connolly, among other many things co-Chair of the newly formed HTML Working Group, is taking a look at the iPhone Developer Guidelines, and seems to like what he's seeing there in terms of respecting the standards, and following the "One Web" mantra.

by Dominique Hazael-Massieux in News Permalink

XHTML Basic 1.1 reference — 31 July 2007

To celebrate the recent release of XHTML Basic 1.1 as a Candidate Recommendation, I have just released a cheat sheet of XHTML Basic 1.1: it documents all its elements and attributes, and how they relate one to another.

I have always loved the elements and attributes tables that accompany the HTML 4.01 specification, and have always missed them for XHTML Basic - so that is now repaired, thanks to a little script I wrote which generates them directly from the DTD.

While the tables are - I think - already useful as is, I welcome any suggestions to make them more useful and useable...

by Dominique Hazael-Massieux in Technical 1 comment Permalink

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