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Video on Mobile Web and accessibility — 16 October 2008 is a French Web site that publishes video tutorials on accessibility, and they interviewed me a few weeks ago on the relationship between designing web sites for people with disabilities and for mobile devices.

Watch the video on their site (with subtitles for those who can read written French better than they can understand spoken French).

Screenshot of the video

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Video Presentation: Mobile Web Initiative: Towards the Web of Things — 14 October 2008

Screenshot of the video

Watch the video of "Mobile Web Initiative: Towards the Web of Things", a presentation I gave at the "Internet of Things" conference in Nice (conference the French presidency of the European Union).

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Workshop on future of social networking — 14 October 2008

We have just announced a call for participation to a workshop on the future of social networking that will take place in Barcelona (Spain) on January 15 and 16 2009.

A W3C workshop is an event organized by W3C where all interested parties are invited to participate, provided they submit a position paper summarizing their views on the topics of the workshop.

In this case, the focus of our workshop will be around social networks, certainly one of the hottest topics on the Web; we have determined a list of topics we would like to discuss during this workshop, ranging from technical matters to business questions, with a few highlights on interoperability across social networks, social networks on PC vs on mobile, and a review of existing social networks initiatives.

Our goal here is to bring as many people around the table to foster discussions in this very rich environment, and try to evaluate what are the industry's needs.

Given the initial reactions of the various parties we contacted to constitute our program committee for the workshop, I'm pretty confident the workshop is going to be very fruitful, and I am hoping many others will find this an exciting opportunity!

Are you interested to participate? If so, please review the call for participation, and submit a position paper (typically 1 to 5 pages long) before November 20. Feel free to contact me at to get more details on the workshop.

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