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First results of Web Compatibility Test — 22 April 2008

The responses to the announce last week of the Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers have been extremely positive: thanks to all of you who have already sent screenshots (most of them have been added to the gallery of screenshots), and keep them coming in, they are a great way for us to assess the current level of support of many technologies at a glance, in a wide variety of browsers!

As an incentive, here is an approximate view of what the screenshots we've received so far look like, when averaged together:

Superposition of screenshots in various browsers of the Web Compatibility Test

A quick analysis of the repartition of colors across tests seems to show that the baseline technologies (CSS 2, PNG, gzip and HTTPs) are fairly well supported, although not completely so.

The second and third line are much less brillant though, with SVG support being clearly lacking, and contenteditable being surprisingly widely supported - but I strongly suspect our test is actually too loose for that one. XMLHTTPRequest isn't all red, but far from all green either.

Of course, this isn't in any way whatsoever a good statistical analysis of the deployed browsers on the market; there are many bias in the way the screenshots were collected, and I had to get rid of some of the most distorted ones as they would have had a too bad impact on the final image.

But I hope it serves as an encouragement for submitting more of these screenshots, and sending us feedback (cf my previous post to see where to send feedback). Thanks again to all of you who have submitted screenshots and spread the word around!

by Dominique Hazael-Massieux in Technical Permalink

Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers — 16 April 2008

(This post was also published as part of the W3C Q&A blog)

I co-chair the Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group: this group aims at improving the interoperability of browsers on mobile devices through the development and the diffusion of test suites for Web technologies that work on mobile devices.

I have already mentioned here some of the work we've been doing toward that goal, but I would like to focus today on our most recent (and rather exiciting) deliverable: the Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers.

That test, in the same spirit as the ACID tests, combines in a single page tests for 12 Web technologies, ranging from well-deployed (but often poorly implemented on mobile devices) technologies such as HTTPS and PNG, to technologies we believe will matter in a year or two (like SVG animation and CSS Media Queries).

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Converting (X)HTML to XHTML Basic 1.1 — 28 March 2008

Back in 2003, I had looked at automating the conversion of XHTML pages to XHTML Basic 1.0, resulting in an XSLT style sheet that did most of the work needed to convert the markup.

I stumbled upon that XSLT today, and decided to update it as needed to allow the conversion to XHTML Basic 1.1, resulting in this other XSLT.

Both taken together and plugged into the W3C XSLT service and tidy online give you this possibly useful convertor from (X)HTML to XHTML Basic (linked from our Developer's corner).


by Dominique Hazael-Massieux in Technical Permalink

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