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Work on the Device Description Vocabulary — 29 March 2007

One of this moment's major work topics inside the MWI Device Description Working Group, which in time may also benefit to the “fixed” web, is the creation of a standard format to describe the properties and capabilities of a given web-accessing device. Such device descriptions could then be accessed and interpreted by any web preprocessor.

This technology would enable to have the web page's layout or content “adapted” to one's particular device—for instance, serving the pictures as black & white if the client device is known not to support color; but the reach of that technology could go beyond the sole “mobile” scope, to help accessibility and other specific needs, hence the need for extensibility of that format.

The task to define such a vocabulary was originally started by the Device Independence Working Group. It was recently taken over by the DDWG, and we hope to have deployed implementations publicly available this year. You can help and follow our work on the DDWG blog and public mailing list.

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Statistics on usage of the Mobile Web Best Practices checker — 28 February 2007

I am (almost) inaugurating the new blog from the Mobile Web Initiative Team, where we hope to discuss topics that are relevant to the Mobile Web but that don't fit in the existing Working Groups blogs - I still need to figure out how this blog will impact my own blog on these topics.

This article will focus on the Mobile Web Best Practices checker and its usage; as you may know, this tool was announced back in May 2006 (as part of a European project, 3GWeb), and has been improved over time since that date.

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