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Category: Talks


Unicode Tutorial Workshop in Oman (Feb 14-16, 2016)

This tutorial workshop, sponsored by the Unicode Consortium and organized by the German University of Technology in Muscat, Oman, is a three-day event designed to familiarize the audience with the Unicode Standard and the concepts of internationalization. It is the first Unicode event to be held in the Middle East.

The workshop program includes an introduction to Writing Systems & Unicode, plus presentations on Arabic Typography, web best practices, mobile internationalization, and more.

The workshop website provides full information about the event. Early bird registration lasts until January 31, 2016, but register early to ensure a place.

Slides and IRC logs for Luxembourg workshop available

The MultilingualWeb Workshop in Luxembourg was another success, thanks once again to the efforts of the excellent speakers and the local organizers. The program included another Open Space discussion organized by TAUS, and a new feature was a number of poster presentations. We had over 130 attendees.

The program page has now been updated to point to speakers’ slides and to the relevant parts of the IRC logs. Links to video recordings will follow shortly.

There are also some links pointing to social media reports, such as blog posts, tweets and photos, related to the workshop. If you have any blog posts, photos, etc. online, please let Richard Ishida know ( so that we can link to them from this page.

A summary report of the workshop will follow a little later.

Talk slides: ASLIB Conference

On 17th November Richard Ishida gave a talk entitled

The Multilingual Web: Latest developments at the W3C/IETF

at the Translating and the Computer Conference in London, England.

The talk describes work that has been done recently, or is currently under way to address unsolved issues on the Web, and how you can influence the outcomes. It also points to some resources and initiatives that are available via the W3C site to help progress towards a multilingual Web.

Categories: Talks, w3cWebDesign

Talk slides: Unicode Conference

On 18th October Richard Ishida and Addison Phillips gave a talk entitled

Towards the Promised Land: Globalization Developments in Web Standards

at the Internationalization & Unicode Conference in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The talk describes what we are doing to address unsolved issues on the Web, and how you can influence the outcomes. It includes references to the latest, ongoing work in HTML5 and CSS3.

On the previous day, Richard Ishida presented his half-day tutorial

An Introduction to Writing Systems & Unicode

RSS feed links changed

The Internationalization Activity home page has recently been ported to WordPress. This means that the URIs for the various RSS feeds have changed. You can find the new links at the page W3C I18n news filters and RSS feeds.

The current URIs will continue to work for a short while, to support the transition, but you should change as soon as possible.

URIs for category filters have also changed, as have those for search key text within posts (useful for finding the history of a particular article or document). The latter have been converted to tags.

Talk slides: Unicode Conference

On 20th October Richard Ishida and Aharon Lanin gave a talk entitled

Extending Bidi Support on the Web

at the Internationalization & Unicode Conference in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The talk describes proposals that have recently been put to the HTML and CSS Working Groups to improve handling of bidirectional text on the Web (for languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu, etc). The talk gives a high-level overview, using examples, of most of the recommendations in the document Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML. It also provides links in the notes to more detailed information and to HTML5 bug reports for those who want to know more and follow the discussions.

Talk slides: W3C India Office opening

On 6th May Richard Ishida gave a talk entitled Internationalization & its challenges at the Technology, Standards and Internationalization Conference that was run to mark the opening of the W3C India Office in New Delhi, India.

The talk describes the work of the Internationalization Activity at the W3C, and ways in which people in South Asia can contribute to that work.

Categories: Talks, w3cWebDesign

Talk slides: Flarenet Forum

On 11th February Richard Ishida gave a talk entitled Language Tagging using the New RFC 5646 at the FlaReNet Forum 2010 n Barcelona, Spain.

The talk proposed that interoperability will be served best by widening the adoption of the language tags specified by BCP 47, and to that end reviewed the various types of subtag described by the RFC 5646 syntax, and looked at some of the choices that need to be made when selecting subtags.

Categories: Talks, w3cWebDesign

Talk slides: Standards-based Translations with W3C ITS and OASIS XLIFF

On November 5th, Christian Lieske and Felix Sasaki gave a talk entitled Standards-based Translations with W3C ITS and OASIS XLIFF at TCWorld, Wiesbaden, Germany.

The slides are in PDF. The presentation describes ITS and XLIFF, the two standards which are important for proper internationalization and localization of XML. Topics include a discussion of general benefits of standards-based internationalization and localization, an introduction to both standards and how they help to achieve such benefits, and an explanation of the relation between the two. A highlight was the introduction of a tool for round-tripping from an XML-document with ITS information to XLIFF, and the integration of translated material from XLIFF back into the original XML.

Categories: Talks, w3cXMLCore

Talk slides: New Work on Japanese Layout Requirements

Richard Ishida gave a presentation entitled New Work on Japanese Layout Requirements on 11 June, 2009 at the Fachhochschule Potsdam, Germany. The slides are annotated and in PDF. They build on a previous talk by Richard Ishida, Steve Zilles and Tatsuo Kobayashi at the Unicode Conference, and describe some of the key characteristics of Japanese Layout described in the newly published W3C Note, Requirements for Japanese Text Layout.

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