Class xmlpipe


public final class xmlpipe
extends Object
A program that parses an XML document and writes out the result in a format similar to nsgmls. Every line of the output corresponds to an event in the parser: start tag, attribute, PI, comment, data,... The first character of the line indicates the event.
Start of an element called `name' (name is in lowercase)
End of an element called `name'
Aname value
An attribute called `name' (lowercase) with value `value'. Attribute precede the start tag to which they belong. Any newlines, tabs and backslashes in the value are replaced by \n, \t and \\.
Character data. Any newlines, tabs and backslashes are encoded as \n, \t and \\.
A processing instruction (other than a <?xml...?> one, which is handled by the parser). Newlines, tabs and backslashes are encoded.
A comment.
{name url
Start of a <!doctype, either with or without an external ID (url)
End of a doctype.
(Only at the end of the output.) Indicates that the parser didn't notice any errors in the document.

$Id: xmlpipe.html,v 1.8 1997/06/09 22:27:06 bbos Exp $
Bert Bos

Constructor Index

 o xmlpipe()

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 o main(String[])


 o xmlpipe
 public xmlpipe()


 o main
 public static void main(String argv[]) throws IOException, UnknownEncoding