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(7:01:16 AM) taki: trackbot-ng, start meeting
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(7:01:20 AM) trackbot: Zakim, this will be EXIWG
(7:01:20 AM) Zakim: I do not see a conference matching that name scheduled within the next hour, trackbot
(7:01:21 AM) trackbot: Meeting: Efficient XML Interchange Working Group Teleconference
(7:01:22 AM) trackbot: Date: 17 November 2015
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(7:04:54 AM) taki: Scribe: TK
(7:04:58 AM) taki: ScribeNick: taki
(7:04:59 AM) taki: TOPIC: W3C Notes in public?
(7:05:34 AM) taki: DP: I think there are multiple possibilities.
(7:05:57 AM) taki: DP: Just create a public folder, e.g. docs, where we put public specs.
(7:06:24 AM) taki: DP: To move the entire folder to public space, this is another idea.
(7:06:37 AM) taki: DP: Now we are supposed to be public.
(7:07:48 AM) taki: CB: We can create docs directory in public.
(7:08:26 AM) taki: DP: For new documents, OK. What about existing docs, such as canonical EXI? We copy it to public space?
(7:08:33 AM) taki: CB: Yes.
(7:09:24 AM) taki: CB: We can also put link to editor's draft in published spec next time we publish.
(7:09:38 AM) taki: DP: How do we do that?
(7:10:31 AM) taki: CB: Under TR directory, there are many links to github.
(7:11:17 AM) taki: CB: Since we use tracker, transition to github may be an overkill.
(7:11:41 AM) taki: DP: OK. Then I can create docs directory, and move documents, right?
(7:11:45 AM) taki: CB: Yes
(7:12:56 AM) taki: ACTION: DP to move three documents (Canonical EXI, extended String, JSON support) to public space.
(7:12:56 AM) ***trackbot is creating a new ACTION.
(7:12:56 AM) ***RRSAgent records action 1
(7:12:56 AM) trackbot: Created ACTION-731 - Move three documents (canonical exi, extended string, json support) to public space. [on Daniel Peintner - due 2015-11-24].
(7:14:30 AM) taki: CB: New groups are using "re-spec".
(7:14:52 AM) taki: CB: and using github issues instread of tracker.
(7:15:31 AM) taki: DP: Do you suggest to use it?
(7:16:01 AM) taki: CB: Since we are used to XML-based spec, we should continue to use it.
(7:16:09 AM) taki: CB: CVS won't go away for now.
(7:16:37 AM) taki: CB: It is quite well maintained.
(7:17:48 AM) taki: CB: Stylesheet in "format" directory may be outdated.
(7:19:32 AM) taki: TOPIC: JSON support
(7:19:57 AM) taki: DP: We started to modify the schema. We took it over from XQuery/XSLT WG in a sense.
(7:20:09 AM) dape:
(7:20:11 AM) taki: DP: I removed constructs that we do not need.
(7:20:50 AM) taki: DP: I added datatypes.
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(7:22:38 AM) taki: DP: I will move this document to public space.
(7:27:10 AM) brutzman: curious regarding the JSON reference, isn't ECMA version authoritative?
(7:27:29 AM) brutzman: JSON Data Interchange Format, ECMA Standard ECMA-404, first edition, October 2013.
(7:27:37 AM) taki: DP: Array, Object, Value, Null, are now all global.
(7:28:37 AM) taki: DP: We currently reference RFC. There is also ECMA standard.
(7:29:47 AM) taki: DB: It is interesting in that RFC is more recent. I will try to investigate which one should be more appropriate to reference to.
(7:30:07 AM) taki: DB: Wikipedia refers to both RFC and ECMA.
(7:30:19 AM) taki: s/DB/DP/
(7:31:54 AM) dape:
(7:31:54 AM) taki: DP: From the point of view of syntax, it should be the same.
(7:32:30 AM) caribou: RFC 7159
(7:32:31 AM) caribou: IETF. The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format. March 2014. See
(7:32:46 AM) caribou: we usually use the IETF one
(7:33:14 AM) taki: CB: The link to RFC is the one used in XSLT.
(7:33:50 AM) caribou: it's more recent than the ECMA 404
(7:34:59 AM) taki: ACTION: DB to investigate whether ECMA's JSON spec is more appropriate to make a reference to or not.
(7:34:59 AM) ***trackbot is creating a new ACTION.
(7:34:59 AM) ***RRSAgent records action 2
(7:34:59 AM) trackbot: Created ACTION-732 - Investigate whether ecma's json spec is more appropriate to make a reference to or not. [on Don Brutzman - due 2015-11-24].
(7:35:59 AM) caribou: <<1.2. Specifications of JSON
(7:36:00 AM) caribou: This document updates [RFC4627], which describes JSON and registers
(7:36:00 AM) caribou: the media type "application/json".
(7:36:00 AM) caribou: A description of JSON in ECMAScript terms appears in Version 5.1 of
(7:36:01 AM) caribou: the ECMAScript specification [ECMA-262], Section 15.12. JSON is also
(7:36:01 AM) caribou: described in [ECMA-404].
(7:36:01 AM) caribou: All of the specifications of JSON syntax agree on the syntactic
(7:36:02 AM) caribou: elements of the language.>>
(7:36:14 AM) caribou: (quote from the IETF RFC 7159)
(7:36:29 AM) taki: DP: I just created the document. I can do some work. I wonder whether there are other people who can support the work.
(7:36:59 AM) taki: DB: I can certainly help on that.
(7:40:29 AM) taki: DB: RFC on JSON security is still developing.
(7:41:14 AM) brutzman: Curious/recent pain point with JSON encoding: apparently inclusion of newline and tab characters in a JSON string is not allowed, they must be escaped as \n and \t.
(7:44:45 AM) brutzman: Recent discussion by X3D working group:
(7:47:25 AM) taki: DP: If someone wants to link to our document, we may want to have real publication once our document becomes more stable.
(7:49:04 AM) taki: TOPIC: Canonical EXI
(7:50:32 AM) taki: TOPIC: Support for Canonical EXI interoperability test in TTFMS
(7:53:02 AM) taki: DP: For datatypes, enumeration with "" is also good.
(7:55:32 AM) brutzman: ... regarding JSON references, they are now included in Action 732
(7:55:34 AM) brutzman:
(8:01:55 AM) caribou: bye
(8:03:18 AM) brutzman: bye, thanks
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(8:13:39 AM) taki: DP: I will try to write both intention and the detailed rule in the document.
(8:14:05 AM) taki: TOPIC: Whitespace handling in TTFMS
(8:15:00 AM) taki: DP: I have some debugging tool, and found whitespace preservation, namespace declarations.
(8:18:51 AM) taki: DP: xml:space is preserve, all whitespaces need to be preserved, right?
(8:20:25 AM) taki: ISSUE: What to do with xml:space being preserved in strict mode.
(8:20:25 AM) ***trackbot is creating a new ISSUE.
(8:20:26 AM) trackbot: Created ISSUE-110 - What to do with xml:space being preserved in strict mode.. Please complete additional details at <>.
(8:21:34 AM) dape:
(8:23:55 AM) taki: DP: Issue 107 is related. Since infoset can have multiple CH one after another.
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