% $Id: XMLSchemaBasics.lsl,v 1.3 2000/01/17 21:33:41 connolly Exp $


  1. XML Schema Part 1: Structures
    internal draft: Id: structures.xml,v 1999/10/26 16:23:30 ht Exp

XMLSchemaBasics: trait
        Set(Component, FiniteSet[Component] for Set[E])

        Null enumeration of 0

        TargetNS union of
            null: Null,
            ns: URIwf

        Component tuple of
            localname: List[Char],
            tns: TargetNS,
            dex: Def_or_Decl

        Def_or_Decl union of
            type: TypeDefinition,
            element: ElementDeclaration,
            attrGroup: AttrGroupDefinition,
            attrDecl: AttrDecl
% @@ others

        asString: Name ® List[Char]

        " n,m: Name

        asString(n) = asString(m) Þ n=m



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