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Open Threads

  1. Requirement 5
  2. Comments on xml:id CR

Closed Threads

  1. Test suite page
  2. further discussion of xml:id is now occurring on www-tag
  3. Trying to assess the depth of xml:id and c14n incompatibilities
  4. Extend values of type ID
  5. Test Suite catalog
  6. test case 10 possible issue
  7. Character references pointing to carriage returns and linefeeds
  8. Must vs. fatal error
  9. SVG Tiny 1.2 uses xml:id
  10. integration testing of xml:ID
  11. FW: W3C XML ID ambiguity
  12. Typo in xml-id spec; canonicalization?
  13. DRAFT 2: Transition Request: PR Request for xml:id
  14. Implementation report on xml:id

Spam Threads