Disposition of comments for XML 1.1 (Candidate Recommendation)

2003 July 15

Comment IDCommenterCommentWG responseOutcome
Tobin-01Richard Tobinrequiring the escaping of C1rejectedaccepted
Tobin-02  " ascii only in xml declacceptedaccepted
Tobin-03  " double escaping of control charactersacceptedaccepted
Tobin-04  " production for Char plus the escapable controlsobsoleteaccepted
Lewis-01Amelia A Lewisinconsistency of S productionaccepted-in-principleaccepted
Jeswin-01Jeswin P newline problemsrejectedaccepted
Stevenson-01Adam Stevenson do not support NELrejected -
Cowan-01John Cowan Newline mapping obsoleteaccepted
IBM-01Arnaud Le HorsNameStartChar not a subset of Characceptedaccepted
Jelliffe-01Rick Jelliffe ambiguity of charsaccepted-in-principle -
Yergeau-01François Yergeau Definition of SHOULDacceptedaccepted
Yergeau-02  " Unicode normalization of IRIsacceptedaccepted
Harold-01Elliotte Rusty Harold (via John Cowan)XML 1.1 isn't worth itrejected -
Harold-02  " normalization in XML 1.1rejectedNo objection but concerned
Carlisle-01David Carlisle (via John Cowan)requirement to report non-normalization (observation only) explainedaccepted
Carlisle-02  " several unclear shouldsexplainedaccepted
Waclawek-01Karl Waclawek (via John Cowan)doing normalization in the application (observation only) explainedaccepted
Lesch-01Susan Leschminor editorial commentsaccepted-in-principle -
deZeeuw-01Wout de ZeeuwAllow hex format for integer typesexplained -
Jelliffe-02Rick Jelliffe (by way of Paul Grosso)non-letter characters in Unicode Latin1 block acceptedaccepted
Tang-01Frank Yung-Fong Tang (by way of John Cowan)non-letter characters in Unicode Latin1 block rejected -
Tang-02  " non-letter characters in Unicode Latin1 block accepted-in-partpartial acceptance