Disposition of comments for Namespaces in XML 1.1 (Candidate Recommendation)

10 June 2003

Comment IDCommenterCommentWG responseOutcome
Harold-01 Elliotte Rusty Harold Local Name definitionaccepted-in-principle -
Harold-02  " Forbid relative URIsrejected -
Harold-03  " IRIs not finishedrejected -
Harold-04  " Error in IRI syntaxaccepted -
Harold-05  " Require IRI checkingrejected -
Zongaro-01 Henry Zongaro Typosaccepted -
Zongaro-02  " Mismatches with IRI draftaccepted-in-principle -
Stephenson-01 David Stephenson IRI comparison rules wrongrejected -
Masinter-01 Larry Masinter Prohibit confusingly similar IRIsaccepted-in-partaccepted
Larry Masinter
Richard Tobin
Martin Duerst
Lesch-01 Susan Lesch Several correctionsacceptedaccepted
Biron-01 Paul Biron DTDs and namespacesaccepted-in-principleaccepted
AElfweald-01 Malachi de AElfweald Null namespaceaccepted-in-principleMalachi de AElfweald
Richard Tobin
Malachi de AElfweald
Henderson-01 James Henderson Setting default namespace to empty stringaccepted-in-principle -