Position paper for "XML Processing Model" Workshop

Norio Touyama, W3C / Keio University

I have interest in how to combine XML related technologies generally. XML technologies are now deployed to be used to specific applications which processes XML in pre-defined procedure. While XML technologies also will be used in areas which needs arbitrary chains of "XML processing", as in images of Semantic Web and Web Services. Transformations may be chained by pipelines between Server-Proxy-Client or between peer-to-peer nodes. In these kind of, arbitrariness of combinations of multiple transformations will be bigger problem.

I expect one of the result of the workshop is a framework or model to describe a combination of transformations and processing to the target XML tree. Declarative descriptions of processes which may be executed to the XML tree make processing more easier. This framework should be designed to define concrete interfaces of each processing and transformation with high level event abstraction.

Furthermore, we should consider usages in mobile environment in this workshop. In mobile environment, services with XML trees will be frequently split into server-side processing and client-side processing. There are strong restrictions of the processing resources, so that the processing model or framework should be light-weight.

It is also important to consider use cases and example usages of the framework. I expect he result of this workshop will be generic or abstract model and framework. To make the result more effective, we should provide example stories.