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Position Papers for XML Processing Model Workshop

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This list of pointers to the position papers was extracted on 26 June 2001 from the email archive for the workshop mailing list, the registration page for the workshop, and the chair's inbox.

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People who have sent position papers

  1. Adler, Sharon, IBM, Chair of XSL WG. XML Processing Model Workshop: XSL WG position (see also Le Hors)
  2. Balasubramanian, Mukund, Infravio. Infravio position paper
  3. Barstow, Art, W3C. Position paper for XML Processing Model WS
  4. Brickley, Dan, W3C. XML Processing: position paper (with Eric Miller)
  5. Brown, Allen, Microsoft (see Marsh)
  6. Campbell, Charles, Informix XML-KISS
  7. Cleary, David, Progress Software (see Wilner)
  8. Connolly, Dan, W3C. Toward a Simple XML Processing Model
  9. Cotton, Paul, Microsoft, Chair of XML Query WG. XML Query WG position paper for XML Processing Model Workshop
  10. Davis, Scott, IONA XML Processing Model Workshop Position Paper (with Steve Vernon)
  11. Diaz, Angel (see Le Hors)
  12. Eastlake, Donald, Motorola position paper
  13. Eisenberg, Andrew, IBM (see Le Hors)
  14. Ferraiolo, Jon, Adobe (will not attend) XML processing with generated content
  15. Ferris, Christopher, Sun (see Walsh).
  16. Florescu, Daniela, Propel An XML Programming Language for Web Services Specification and Composition (PDF, HTML)
  17. Goto, Masatomo, Fujitsu Position Paper.
  18. Grosso, Paul, Arbortext My XML Processing Model paper...
  19. Holstege, Mary Issues Relating to Chaining XML Processes (with Alex Milowski)
  20. Hutchison, Nigel, Software AG W3C XML Processing Workshop - Position Paper
  21. Le Hégaret, Philippe, W3C The XML Processing Model
  22. Le Hors, Arnaud, IBM IBM's position paper (with Adler, Berglund, Diaz, Eisenberg, Raman, Schloss)
  23. Maler, Eve, Sun (see Walsh)
  24. Marsh, Jonathan, Microsoft (Two papers:)
  25. Miller, Eric, W3C (see Brickley)
  26. Milowski, Alex (see Holstege)
  27. Mischkinsky, Jeff, Oracle Corporation Use Case of XML Processing Model and Web Services
  28. Orchard, David, Jamcracker Jamcracker W3C XML Processing Model Workshop Position Paper (.doc format, PDF format, HTML)
  29. Prud'hommeaux, Eric, W3C XML Processing Pipeline Model
  30. Quint, Vincent, W3C Position Paper
  31. Reagle, Joseph M., Jr., W3C Reagle's XML Processing Workshop Position Paper
  32. Sellman, Royston, HP. HP submission for XML Processing Model Workshop (with Stuart Williams)
  33. Sperberg-McQueen, C. M., W3C. Position paper
  34. Srivastava, Alok, Oracle (see Mischkinsky).
  35. Thompson, Henry S., University of Edinburgh and W3C. Submission
  36. Tobin, Richard, University of Edinburgh. Position paper: Richard Tobin, University of Edinburgh
  37. Tolkin, Steve, Fidelity Investments, Position paper for W3C XML Processing Model Workshop
  38. Touyama, Norio, W3C, Position paper for "XML Processing Model" Workshop
  39. Vernon, Steve, IONA (see Davis)
  40. Vedamuthu, Asir, webMethods Position paper
  41. Veillard, Daniel, Red Hat, Chair of XML Linking WG. Why we need a default processing model and Why Infoset is the key of defining this processing (ASCII version)
  42. Walsh, Norman, Sun. Sun Position Paper Submission (with Maler and Ferris)
  43. Wilner, Ken, Progress. Position Paper for The W3C Processing Model Workshop (with Cleary)
  44. Zilles, Stephen, Adobe, Chair of XML WG. Position Paper for XML Processing Model Workshop

People who have registered to attend but have not yet provided position papers

  1. Nicol, Gavin, eBT
  2. Stern, David, Intel
  3. Weitzner, Daniel, W3C

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