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Tentative Schedule for XML Processing-Model Workshop

12-13 July 2001

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This schedule is subject to adjustment.

Time Thursday 12 July Friday 13 July
9:00 Introductory session:
  • C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, welcome to workshop and introductory overview of problem area

Report back from breakouts


  • Round-table introductions and discussion
    • what do you want from this workshop?
    • what do you think the community needs to do about the XML processing model?
Discussion of application-specific requirements (preparation for breakouts)
10:30 Break Break


Breakout discussions on application-specific requirements (list of breakout groups to be generated during previous discussion)


Discussion: generic / universal requirements for XML processing (all applications)

  • Do you want a specified order for XML processing?
  • Is there an ideal order?
  • If so, is it a total order or a partial order?
  • What's your ideal order for XML processing (if you have one)?
  • Do you know whether your ideal order conflicts with anyone else's?

If the order of actions in XML processing is constrained, are the constraints

  • univeral (applicable to all XML documents)?
  • data-specific (different for different documents, but always the same for a particular document)?
  • application-specific (different depending on what you are trying to do)?

Discussion: application-specific requirements for XML processing (all applications)

12:30 Lunch Lunch


Discussion: next steps
3:30 Break
4:00 Break-out groups, discussion
  • What use cases / usage scenarios should be supported? Describe 2-4.
  • What outcomes or deliverables would constitute successful solution of the problems relating to the XML processing model?
  • Is there any specific ordering (total or partial) of XML processing which applies to all documents? Or is it impossible to identify any ordering constraints which apply to all XML documents?
  • Is there any specific ordering (total or partial) of XML processing which always applies to a particular document? Or is it impossible to identify any such ordering constraints which always apply to a given XML document?
  • Is it necessary / desirable for users to specify an ordering for XML processing? Which users? how? Do they just need to specify sequence of processing, or do they need to be able to describe more details than sequence (and if so which)?
Workshop adjourned.

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