W3C XML Processing Model Workshop

Donald E. Eastlake 3rd

W3C XML Processing Model Workshop
    Cambridge, MA 12-13 July 2001

Position Paper of
    Donald E. Eastlake 3rd
    Member of Technical Staff
    Motorola Laboratories
    20 Cabot Boulevard,
    Mansfield, MA 02048 USA

My Background: I am Co-chair of the XML Digital Signature Working
    Group, co-editor of the XML Digital Signature specification,
    and editor of the algorithms section of the XML Encryption
    specification.  I have extensive background in protocol
    design and implementation.

Company Needs: Motorola is increasingly considering the use of
    XML for handset and other mobile communications and
    transcoding. A coherent XML Processing Model is an important
    element of this.

Expectations: I expect, at the workshop, to be able to provide
    input from the protocol point of view concerning schemes of
    XML Processing. Also, based on the workshop, I expect to be
    able to advise parts of Motorola concerning current and
    forseeable XML Processing paradigms.

Contributions: I expect to be able to contribute to the
    discussions based on my protocol background.
        In particular, protocols typically involve dymanic
    composite documents transmitted between computer processes
    only portions of which, if any, are intended for direct human
    consumption. There are frequently multiple parties involved
    and it is quite common for a protocol message/document to be
    constructed based on parts of previously received
    messages/documents and local knowledge. Security constructs,
    such as signature and encryption, are usually applied to
    parts of documents, are frequently nested, and such parts are
    commonly taken from one document and used in constructing
    another. The dynamic composite nature of prortocol messages
    also poses problems in the generation of unique IDs.

Presentation: If desired, I would be happy to provide a 15 minute
    presentation expanding on the points above; however, although
    I had initially hoped to attend both days of the workshop,
    urgent business travel for my employer makes it impossible
    for me to attend the first day and I do not know if such a
    presentation, even if desired, would be appropriate for the
    second day.