InfraVio, Inc.

Position Paper

Mukund Balasubramanian


About Infravio

Infravio is an enterprise software company that provides Global 2000 companies with a management system to create XML based web applications and enable those companies to immediately take advantage of Web Services. Leveraging the latest in XML and Java technologies, Infravio's products allow IT professionals develop and manage XML based solutions. Our company is a strong proponent of XML Schema and continually thinks of ways to extend and leverage this specification.

XML Processing - Needs for Standardization

Our focus has been on leveraging XML, XML Schema, and Java so that companies can quickly build and manage applications that will enable those companies to be web services ready. During our research and development, we've come across many gaps in the technology - gaps we've filled in creative ways. However, we'd like to see a group like this collectively address these problems and create standards that will be endorsed by the developer community.

One problem companies are facing is accessing and processing XML resources in a standard, centralized way. In particular, we've developed our own API for accessing various schema types (XML Schema, DTD, etc.). Since XML Schema and DTDs are already standards, naturally the way in which these schema types are accessed should also be standardized.

Desired Outcomes

As part of the output produced by this working group, we'd like to see a well-defined plan for the creation of a standard API for accessing various schema types.