Mark-up example for Checkpoint 1.5:
alternative for a Client side image map

Some code that would create the image map and its text alternative.

<IMG SRC="img/imgmap1.gif"

ALT="Image map: please use the

alternative links provided with the map."

TITLE="Various icons relating to disability"

USEMAP="#map1" BORDER=0>

<MAP NAME="map1">

<AREA COORDS="0,0,39,39" HREF="a.htm"

ALT="Link to section A of the site. ">

<AREA COORDS="40,0,79,39" HREF="b.htm"

ALT="Link to section B of the site. ">

<AREA COORDS="80,0,120,39" HREF="c.htm"

ALT="Link to section C of the site. ">

<AREA COORDS="121,0,160,39" HREF="d.htm"

ALT="Link to section D of the site. ">


<MAP NAME="map2">

[ <A HREF="a.htm">Section A</A>

| <A HREF="b.htm">Section B</A>

| <A HREF="c.htm">Section C</A>

| <A HREF="d.htm">Section D</A> ]


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