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WAI Site Redesign Open Issues [in progress]

Before Release

  1. archive old site in way easy to demo

High Priority

  1. CSS picker &/or other options for alternative layouts (consider minimum width)
  2. visual design, html, css for Archived... & More...

Under Discussion


  1. add translations to /intro/ docs (see email from Ivan about customizing listing)
  2. prep translations stuff for ivan & richard: translations php, translations icon, translations template, parameters for listing at top versus bottom,...
  3. write up rules for translations, # at top


  1. clean up CSS
  2. change CSS so logos don't scale, but bridge either gets cut off, or scales
  3. consider hack for IE6 skip links (see Andrew's email)
  4. think about an alternative style for narrower windows, one with either fewer or wider columns. perhaps the current design should be protected by something like this:
    @media screen and (min-width: 1000px) {...}
  5. alt text from TR icon
  6. tweaks and browser bugs/inconsistent rendering:
    • top border of #subhomenav not rendering in WinIE -currently hack puts bottom border on #w3cnav
    • fix it so the <h2> underlines don't go into the right columns box
  7. link elements - next, previous, up, home, search, copyright, first, last...
  8. fix metadata throughout

Visual Design

  1. consider background color or something along full height of left column (e.g., to help orientation with screen magnification)
  2. bridge image -- try to find better one? fix fade
  3. consider hover/focus something for the links (e.g., border or background colour)
  4. consider moving the >> just ot the left of the text, rather than along the left edge & including on home page
  5. photos for WAI contacts, WAI groups, & others
  6. images for guid & tech, managing, eval, etc.
  7. refine visual design
    • 3-d line under controls
    • lighter gray for #controls background?
    • perhaps 3-d border around nav main level
    • main is behind nav (apparent when tried to use border & background in anno css)
    • carry bridge arc theme through - perhaps top &/or bottom of boxes, bullets


Longer Term & Lower Priority

  1. better search, field on each page, XHTML results, etc.
  2. consider expanding & collapsing site map
  3. add top of page links - visual design & markup & page updating
  4. " missing for <q> in IE (e.g., Tim quote on home page)
  5. [wai] icon with title in URI field
  6. gooble-de-gook $Date: 2005/07/23 01:34:32 $
  7. Annotated Nav. Page Titles - putting the power words first.


  1. new page?: Business Case intro page
  2. new page: How PWDS intro page
  3. issue: skip to content instructions for heading navigation instead?