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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-87 (edit) pending review Take another stab at 2.1.3 Kelly Ford 2008-11-27
ACTION-187 (edit) pending review Minor edit 4.1.9 "does not prohibit' overriding of platform keys Kelly Ford 2009-05-21
ACTION-242 (edit) pending review Review wcag 2.0 for instances of a mechanism is available for places that UAAG needs to address. Kelly Ford 2010-01-21
ACTION-258 (edit) pending review Rewrite 4.4.1 to include the user interface and default presentation of recognized flashing Web content never violate and create user has the option to... Jim Allan 2010-01-28
ACTION-263 (edit) pending review Review 3.1 with a proposal for clean-up due in 2 weeks Patrick Lauke 2010-02-04
ACTION-447 (edit) pending review - send proposed bug report on IFRAME and FRAME requesting that @title be required (used by AT to identify FRAMEs and IFRAMEs to user) Gregory Rosmaita 2010-09-16
ACTION-480 (edit) pending review Rewrite 3.3.2 document accessibility features, to mirror ATAG20, include Simon Definition in the intent Jim Allan 2010-12-16
ACTION-481 (edit) pending review Rewrite 3.3.4 to remove 'benefit accessibility' Jim Allan 2010-12-16

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