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Disclaimer. In order to verify the utility and applicability of the Guidelines, the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG) is testing the Guidelines by reviewing a variety of user agents (user agents for the purpose of this report may consist of combinations of several technologies) on a variety of platforms. This review will help us determine which requirements of the guidelines have been implemented and which requirements have not.

The UAWG Working Group welcomes additional reviews. Each review should include the above disclaimer. Reviews should also clearly state the product version, operating system version, and any other information necessary to allow someone else to repeat the evaluation. If possible use the submit the review in the XML evaluation report.

Views of Implementation Report

Report Tool Information

The report generation tool is based on XML and uses XML formatted evaluations on individual user agents to compile a full report on checkpoint implementation experience. Reviewers following the evaluation format can have their reviews easily add to the implementation report.

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