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UA Telecon for July, 15th 1998

Chair: Jon Gunderson
Date: Wednesday, July 15th
Time: 11:00am to 12:00noon Eastern Standard Time
Call-in: +1-617-252-1038


1. Face-to-face meeting in England

2. New charter discusion

3. Issue list discussion


Minutes (Jim Allan)

1. Charter comments

Define success - must be measurable, some comments that current definition is vague

Usability testing-no mechanism (financial) in group, without recommendation can't test. Some manufatures are testing, ua group needs to tap into testing

Suggestion that UA group should try to encourage, coordinate and compile results of UA testing

Milestones - 6 month goals

Draft in September, recommendation by January or

Jon's preference - Rec. for html 4 and css by October, with update by January - no disagreement from group

Discussion--Jon will check with Judy about need for implementation of guidelines

2. f2f meeting-kitch to chair meeting, agenda

  1. longdesc/dlink and object,
  2. semantic markup to adjust presentation - how to id purpose of table - data or layout,
  3. rel attribute in link - how they should work (nav bar, toc) popup list,
  4. xml--mathml, smil, implications

Dlink, longdesc, object--last time- simplify,

Image tag - recommend Use of longdesc, no dlink, rel, etc.

Image that are embedded in objects - e.g. graph that is activex control, dynamic

Use inner text as alternative text and a hard coded dlink if wanted

David-people have problems with dlink, should be hidden by default and show only if asked for

What if you want object and text simultaneously

How to display, consistency between display of image, and object

Authoring guidelines suggest dlinks for backward compatibility with older browsers, should use longdesc for HTML 4.0. Most authors will not use OBJECT for images since object is not backward compatible with older browsers.

Jon-UA shouldn’t deal with dlink, have object display what ever is in the inner text. Alt and longdesc put in inner text of object if someone wants to use OBJECT for images. Object is generic item. If the user cannot get information from the object what information should be displayed to the user. Simultaneaity of inner text and object- david rather have user control of display.

Toggle-show inner text as caption below object-discuss on list

4. semantic markup-use rel to semantically generate list

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