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WAI Table Linearizer Entry Form

This form lets you configure the type of TABLE linearization you want.

URL of page with TABLE to linearize:

Table number within page (default all tables):

Cell separator (default value ","):

Header separator (default value ","):

Value separator (default value "="):

Select a default linearization orientation for Tables:
Row first
Column first
Markup order (no repetition or interaction in this case)

Select a default level of repetition of Table cell contextual information:
1: Deepest header for each row or column
2: Deepest header for each cell
3: All headers for each row or column
4: All headers for each cell

Select a default level of interaction for the linear version
0: None (no link to other version)
1: Table level links

Edit the page HREF to recursively call the linearizer (Proxy emulation).

Change the embedded url (only for relative url).