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(Symposium Proceedings)
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==Symposium Proceedings==
==Symposium Proceedings==
[ proceedings]
[ proceedings]
with BiBTex, e.g., [ example format]
with BiBTex [ example format]

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Research Report on Text Customization for Readability

[front matter as defined by W3C]


Status of the document

[mostly W3C boilerplate] @@ invitation for public review & comments -- specific questions for consideration







Symposium Proceedings

proceedings with BiBTex example format


Participants of the W3C WAI Research and Development Working Group (RDWG) involved in the development of this document include: @@.

RDWG would also like to thank the Chairs and Scientific Committee members as well as the paper authors of RD Symposium on Text Customization for Readability.

This document was developed with support from the WAI-ACT Project.

Internal Notes

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